Thesis Topic:

Using Semantic Maps for Navigational Planning


B.Sc. Cognitive Science
Apr, 2018


Mobile robots shall help and accompany us in the future in our everyday life. To do so, a robot has to navigate to specific locations, not always defined by its position but also by what one can find there. In this thesis, a possible approach to include semantic maps into navigational planning is Osnabrück was implemented. Normally, semantic maps are build using an ontology as a reasoning base. In this thesis, a database is connected with a topological graph to include semantic information in a map. The order of the plants to be visited, which are derived from the user’s input from an interface, in a short tour is calculated by a TSP Optimizer. The route to those plants is then planned and executed. The application was successfully tested in a 2D simulation with dummy POI in the topo- logical graph and entries in the database. The application is robot-independent and not only applicable for the Botanical Garden after small changes, but for all situations where a round trip to positions determined by semantic criteria shall be computed.