Thesis Topic:

3D Mapping and Navigation in Rough Terrain using the Volksbot XT


M.Sc. Computer Science
Jan, 2016


Robots operating in rough terrain are necessary for many different tasks, including any kind of outdoor operation (e.g. rescue operations, exploration of terrestrial and non-terrestrial unknown environments and object delivery). In my thesis, I work with an off-road enabled Volksbot XT platform, equipped with a 3D scanner and an inertial measurement unit (IMU) to map rough terrains. Based on 3D point clouds and ICP methods a global map will be created. I also focus on navigation and trafficability estimation of the robot’s environment by using Digital Elevation Maps (navigation on grid maps) and Terrain Reconstruction (navigation on meshes). To test and benchmark these methods with the robot, regarding to trafficability, I will map the area in front of the university canteen and the interior of the green building (SL) next to the canteen on the Westerberg.