6D localization

Feature-Based Mobile Mapping with 3D Lidars on Embedded GPUs

Einbindung verschiedener Sensorquellen in KinectFusion zur verbesserten Kartierung in Umgebungen ohne Landmarken

Object detection based AMCL in semantic 3D maps

Monocular Localization in Feature-Annotated 3D Polygon Maps

6DoF localization and mapping is becoming increasingly relevant in autonomous robotics. Especially in environments where GPS is not available (e.g. indoor), there are more and more localization methods based on camera images. The aim of this work is to develop a closed system that allows a robot to locate itself in a 3D map through a camera. The developed software is distinguished into offline mapping and online localization. The map consists of a polygon mesh, which is reconstructed from 3D laser scans of the environment.